• publish: 4 August 2020
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Govt reacts to pro-Taliban movements in Iran, Turkey

The government said that such attempts should be stopped by these countries as they will harm the Afghan peace process.

The Afghan government on Monday reacted to images from Turkey and Iran showing pro-Taliban Afghans holding flags of the group.

The government said that such pro-Taliban propaganda should be stopped by these countries as it will harm the peace efforts in the country.  

The photos shared on social media showed a group of people in Mellat Park in northern Tehran. A similar move was seen in Istanbul, Turkey.  

“The peace process that the Afghan government and the people of Afghanistan are supporting should be supported in practice and they should prevent moves that could affect this process,” said Gran Hewad, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Critics said they consider this interference of the two countries in Afghanistan’s affairs, as such groups should not be allowed to show pro-Taliban propaganda. 

“It is a clear interference in Afghanistan’s affairs. We have always said that they do not want Afghanistan to have an identity and a central government and have always been in favor of weakening the government,” said Abdul Sattar Husaini, an MP. 

Some Iranian media reported that the person who first broke the news about the pro-Taliban gathering in Mellat Park has been arrested by the Iranian government. 

“Every war has its military and propaganda supporters. Such photos are taken to provoke people’s feelings,” said Tariq Farhadi, a former presidential adviser. 

Iran’s embassy in Kabul said the gathering in Mellat Park was “illegal” and conducted by Afghan citizens. 

The issue is under investigation, the embassy said.

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