• publish: 19 March 2020
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Anti-corona campaign launched in Kabul

Haidari: Keys to fight corona are public mibilization and empathy

Roushd Countrywide Network and News Agency to promote the culture of prevention and public awareness about the Corona virus carried out virus disinfection and distribution of virus prevention leaflets in Kabul.

The campaign was launched with the title of “Empathy, the key to fight corona”.

“Empathy is the key to fight against corona virus” said Haidari Muhammad aref, the head of Roushd Countrywide Network

Calling for public mobilization against corona, he added to avoid getting infected by virus everyone should feel responsibilities.

“Fighting the virus is the religious and national obligation and moral duty of every citizens of the country so that in accordance with the guidance of the ministry of health of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan they can protect their families and compatriots” Aref Haidari said

Mr. Haidari warned people about attending the Nowrooz(new year) celebrations where large amounts of crowds come together, something sharply increases vulnerability to corona virus.

In another part of his speech, Mr. Aref Hidari called upon businessmen, donners and influential institutions in the community to provide first equipment for diagnosing virus infections and free distribution of masks and disinfectant gel among needed people to curb the virus efficiently.

In this anti-corona campaign, 10000 masks, 10000 gloves, hundreds of disinfectant gels and 30000 brochures containing information on how to prevent virus were distributed among Kabul citizens, especially poor neighborhoods by Mr. Haidari and volunteers` members of Roushd Countrywide Network.

The mobile teams of Roushd Countrywide Network also launched spraying anti-viruse substances like disinfecting liquids project over public buses, crowded areas in Kabul as well as mosques and pedestrians.

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