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Head of “Herat Petroleum Union”: Business men problems partially eased

Business men cash problems are partially removed by Islamic Emirate of Taliban local officials said some members of Petroleum Union in Herat western province.

 Speaking to Raha News Agency in Herat, Nawid Ahmad Wafa, a member of Petroleum Union in Herat, said the Islamic Emirate of Taliban local officials in cooperation with business men are trying to solve the current bank related problems in the province.  

Importing petroleum products from neighboring countries, the business men need to pay through banks he added

  Past custom problems for petroleum business men are eased by Islamic Emirate local officials Mr. Wafa said

Custom tax for imported petroleum products are not increased by Taliban, but the increase in oil price resulted from world markets` increase in price of petroleum he emphasized

 The tax for one ton of fuel is still remained $110 he said

Central Asian and neighboring countries serve Afghanistan as the biggest fuel sources Mr. Wafa added