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Health ministry warns of 3rd wave as new Coronavirus variant detected

Acting Minister of Health, Wahid Majrooh said that seven out of 11 COVID-19 cases are now testing positive for the new variant.

As with other variants around the world, this variant is far more contagious and spreads a lot quicker, officials said.

Speaking at the inauguration of a new testing center in Kabul on Saturday, Majrooh said: “We have opened the testing center for the new variant (of COVID-19) to fight against the Coronavirus. Seven out of 11 cases are detected as a new variant. We hope to fight efficiently against the Coronavirus.”

Wais Mustafa, Head of the Coronavirus Control Center stated: “The new variant has now spread in Afghanistan. It can be easily transmitted from one person to another person. Fortunately, it has a lower fatality rate compared to the common one.”

Afghanistan, so far, has recorded at least 56,294 positive Coronavirus cases with 2,470 deaths and 49,994 recoveries.