• publish: 17 December 2016
  • time: 11:16 pm
  • category: Economy
  • No: 4635

Herat factories reach self-sufficiency in their manufacturing line

Officials in industrial state of Herat say that at least 17 factories here have reached to self-sufficiency in their productions.

Head of Herat industrial state Hamidullah Khadim, says that with the fair supports from the government, at least 17 factories in the state have gained self-sufficiency in their production lines.

He added that the factories’ products include beverages, building materials, cosmetic and health materials and some food productions that could fully meet the domestic needs.

Regarding the government’s support for the Herat industrial state, Khadim furthered that “from now on, all ministries and other governmental organs are obliged to make use of domestic products with a 25 percent higher price.”

He said that after electricity shortage was solved, now there are up to 270 factories in the state, creating at least 15 thousands job opportunities for Herat residents.

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