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To oppose US-Taliban peace agreement

Hezb-i-Walayat movement created within Taliban

A new militant group had been created within the Taliban movement named “Hezb-i-Walayat” against the US-Taliban agreement.

The United Nations has published a fresh report about the US-Taliban agreement, Taliban- Al-Qaeda relations and the Daesh presence in Afghanistan.

The report’s publication date is May 29, but it surfaced in the media on June 1.

It said conflicting views existed about US-Taliban peace pact of February 29, and there were concerns about the deal’s implementation.

A new militant group had been created within the Taliban movement named “Hezb-i-Walayat” against the US-Taliban agreement.

It informed some other Taliban fighters were also opposed to the peace pact and differences had cropped up among Taliban leaders on the issue.

The report claimed members of Taliban’s political office in Qatar had not shared all details of the agreement with fighters.

The UN report comes after US President Donald Trump highlighted differences among Taliban leaders on the American troop withdrawal from the country.

Additionally, UN member states continue to be wary of Taliban’s relationship with al-Qaida, saying if anything, the relationship between the terror group and the insurgent outfit was growing stronger.

“One member state reported that the regularity of mtgs btw al-Qaida seniors and the Taliban ‘made any notion of a break between the two fictions,’” the report said.

“The Taliban regularly consulted with al-Qaida during negotiations with the United States and offered guarantees that it would honor their historical ties,” it added.

The report estimates the Taliban has anywhere from 55,000 to 85,000 fighters at its disposal, with up to 15,000 facilitators and non-combatants stationed across the country.

The UN report stated international support for Afghan forces, specifically close air support from the U.S.-led coalition, had been essential to keeping Taliban at bay.

“The sudden or unexpected withdrawal of such support would endanger several provinces,” the report noted, warning 21 districts were already under full Taliban control while as much as 60% of Afghan territory was contested.

The report estimated the number of Daesh rebels in Afghanistan had decreased to 2,200, saying the outfit had the ability to stage attacks in Kabul and other parts of the country.

The Taliban have so far said nothing about the UN report.

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