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How did terrorists enter Kabul University?

Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president, says: ′′ According to fair confessions: they had investigated Kabul University ten days before the attack. They noticed that people don’t get doubted at the entrance gate and don’t make a serious effort. That’s why they enter university by wearing same clothes with stylish students one after another and their bags are not trying. “

َAccording to the terrorists` confessions it was supposed to be that if the first person is attempted, the second person should kill the police with a gun fair.

Saleh says in the series of 26 and a half reports on Monday, 26th of October that the case of Kabul University is developing quickly and will inform people more frequently.The report added that the identity of the suicide bombers has also been revealed and their families are under national security supervision.

In the coming days, the nation will be given enough information.Mr. Saleh also says that Ahmad, the second member of the plan to attack Kabul University, who had fled to Paktia, was killed in a clash with security forces, and the third member of the core was arrested and will be transferred to Kabul in a few hours.