• publish: 24 February 2018
  • time: 8:29 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 5803

“HPC was ready for talks with Taliban.” Syed Ihsanullah Taheri

In a gathering in Kabul the High Peace Council(HPC) spokesman Syed Ihsanullah Taheri on Saturday announced that the body was ready for talks wherever the rebels wanted.

He Also told that we support Afghan government’s move to close the Taliban’s office in Qatar.

Taheri added that the second Kabul Process Conference to be held this month was vital for Afghanistan peace and security.

He said the international community would support Afghanistan’s peace effort with one voice at the summit.

“The government with strong diplomatic efforts and close coordination with the HPC has been able to get the global community support for its peace roadmap.” Taheri said.

He said censuses on local level had been developed for the peace process and with development of regional and global roadmap, the achievement of peace would become closer and shorter.

He told the Taliban that the HPC was ready for talks with them anywhere in the world but such talks should be led by Afghans. He, however, said international terrorist groups hell bent on killing innocent people would be crushed and the HPC would not talk with them


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