• publish: 2 March 2020
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Hut 9th, the national day of soldiers celebrated in Kabul

The Roushd Countrywide Network celebrated Hut 9th, the national day of soldiers in a magnificent gathering attended by hundreds of families of soldiers, heirs of martyrs and wounded of the last two decades of war.

The gathering was attended by dozens of high-ranking security officials including the ministry of defense, the ministry of interior and the general directorate of national security, as well as hundreds of women.

The ceremony began with a recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran, followed by a beautiful song in support of the country’s security forces.

Then, Mr. Mohammad Arif Haidari, the head of the Roushd Countrywide Network, in his speech referred to the rich history of the country’s security forces and highlighted the success of the security forces in safeguarding the national interests and honors.

In another part of his speech, Haidari addressed the “electoral crisis” and praised the impartial role of the country’s security forces in political campaigns.

In his speech on the subject of peace, Mr. Haidari said that every Afghan wants peace as long as all national interests are reflected in it.

President Ghani`s cultural advisor, Shah Hussain Mortazavi, also referred to the peace process and said peace had no losers.

Mr Mortazavi added that if there is no war, the resources we use for war are spent on rebuilding and developing the country, so peace is in our interest.

He also added that peace also benefits the Taliban, as they get rid of moving from country to other countries and return to their normal lives.

The president’s cultural adviser regarding the peace talks said the people make the final decision on peace with the Taliban.

He added that the talks would be conducted by the government and ultimately approved by the people’s MPs at the parliament.

Mr Mortazavi added the peace going to be achieved should not destroy the values of the past two decades. There is also no commitment to release Taliban prisoners. Taliban prisoners must go through judicial process.

At a ceremony held to mark the National Day of Soldiers, the National Defense Ministry training and personnel deputy, Monirah Yousafzadeh, also said it should be avoided to extend a few problems of some to all security forces.

Ms. Yousafzadeh praised the work of the country’s security forces and asked the public to trust their security forces. There is no change in the current political system because the country’s security forces guard it.

At the end, Mr. Aref Haidari, the head of Roushd Countrywide Network, praised and thanked the Kabul Police Departments and Kabul security officials by awarding appreciation tablets.

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