• publish: 31 January 2022
  • time: 6:30 pm
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IE addressing journalists in Herat: Use “Islamic Emirate” for us

In a meeting with journalists in Herat, the Islamic Emirate intelligence and information and culture officials urged the media to use the title of “Islamic Emirate” when covering news stories.

 Mowlawi Sabet Harawi, the IE intelligence physiological operations part in charge in Herat declaring a new eight-articles publishing rules by IE for media said the media have to obey the new rules.  

The IE new rules for media says:

  1. The media need to avoid anti-Islamic and vulgar music
  2. The media need to avoid anti-Islamic movies
  3. The media use Islamic Emirate when covering news stories
  4. The media need to avoid anti-Taliban propagandas and confusing the public minds
  5. The media need to avoid insulting and humiliating personalities and the people
  6. The media need to avoid fake news stories
  7. Any kinds of gossips and causing ethnic, linguistic and tribal prejudices is forbidden.
  8. Media should create hope among people and pose Afghanistan Islamic culture as a pride in the world.

Mowlawi Naim ul Haq Haqani, the IE information and culture provincial officials also urged the media to act in accordance with the IE new rules.

“To keep Islamic values and cultures alive, the media should cooperate with IE government.” Mowlawi added

As he said IE fully supports the media.

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