• publish: 4 April 2018
  • time: 9:54 pm
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IEC informs lawmakers about Elections

As the parliamentary and district council elections is upcoming the Independent Election Commission (IEC) chief said on Wednesday they hoped to set May 22 as the date for candidates to file their nomination forms.  



The IEC chief Abdul Badi Sayyad was in parliament and told MPs the organization had already hired over 12,000 people to work on the voter registration process.

Another 20,000 employees will be hired in the second phase for the same purpose, MPs were told.

He also told MPs that the organization will not stand for any interference in the election process.

The IEC has estimated the budget for the voter registration process to be $30 million USD.

“People must be provided with solid information about the details of the elections and conditions for the elections, we have put it on our agenda,” said parliament speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi.

Sayyad also told parliament the election commission will not allow anyone to interfere in the election process.

“We are fimly committed to protecting the votes of the people,” said Sayyad.

“According to the timeline, we have announced the day for the elections and the election calendar is already available and the date for filling nomination papers is likely to take place on first of Jawza (May 22),” added Sayyad.

“If the election calendar for presidential elections is not announced in Meezan (September), it means that presidential elections will not be held in Hamal (March),” said MP Niamatullah Ghafari.

“The government is working on its program behind the scenes to spoil the parliamentary elections and to delay the presidential elections,” MP Abdul Rahim Ayoubi said.


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