• publish: 30 August 2020
  • time: 2:00 am
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If foreign allies pulled out, Afghan system would survive

Afghanistan National Security Advisor (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib says the Afghan government would last even if international allies left the country and that an interim government would destroy the current system.

In an exclusive interview with Ariana News, Mohib emphasized that government has many options in terms of surviving if the international coalition abandons the country. Government is capable of finding new alliances, he said.

“We can continue sustaining the current system, there is enough capacity and we have also the means for the durability of the system,” he stated.

Citing concerns over a collapse of the current government amid preparations for the start of intra-Afghan talks, Mohib said that forming any type of interim administration could lead to a crisis for Afghanistan.

“An interim administration would smash the system; as a result, tribe-specific powers would be formed by the strongmen in each part [of the country] and each district,” the NSA said.

Meanwhile, Mohib said the High Council for National Reconciliation led by Abdullah Abdullah is a peace facilitating body, adding the entity is not the decision-maker of the Afghan peace process.”

Mohib said: “Eventually, if we reach an agreement with the Taliban, the decision must be finalized by the people of Afghanistan or by a Loya Jirga which would be held in this regard.”
This comes after Abdullah said Thursday that Intra-Afghan talks would start next week.

Meanwhile, hours after Abdullah’s remarks Acting Foreign Minister Haneef Atmar said that most of the issues in the way of talks have been resolved.

“It seems that most of the hurdles have been either removed or we are in the process of building consensus on a solution. I am cautiously optimistic that this will not be a further hurdle in the way,” Atmar said.

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