• publish: 15 November 2015
  • time: 11:04 am
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Presidential Palace:

If Pakistan wants to, it could be a good friend in peace process

A spokesperson for the Afghan presidential palace Sayed Zafar Hashemi says Pakistan could be a good friend with Afghanistan’s peace process initiative, if it only wants to.

Hashemi, spokesman for the Presidential Palace told reporters in Kabul that this is possible only when Pakistan targets the terrorist groups inside its territory who have waged war in Afghanistan.

If Pakistan wants to gesture its honesty with Afghanistan, the slogans of its PM needs to be implemented who said in Kabul that “Afghanistan’s enemy is Pakistan’s enemy”, Hashemi said in a news conference on Saturday.

Hashemi added that peace with armed opponents is the basic need of Afghans but first it should be with Pakistan.

This comes as Pakistan has shown willingness to revive the stalled peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban to end the bloody war in Afghanistan.

But Afghan government still doubts Pakistan to cut its hand short from continuing insurgency in Afghanistan.

Afghan officials say if peace talks succeed, only few Taliban commanders would join the government but the rest would continue fighting under the command of Pakistan.

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