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In Ashura, Imam Hossain(AS) created a border between the fighter of right and wrong

Our pious people mark Ashura day with grand functions country-wide. In this day, our cities and villages are witnessing of fully recitation of holy Quran with high interests and enthusiasm.

Muharram 10th is coinciding with martyrdom of Hazrat-i-Imam Hussain (AS). In this historical day, he along with his 72 family members and faithful colleagues were martyred in this historical day in hot desert of Karbala by supporters of Yazid and with uprising and accepting of martyrdom, the grandson of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) created a border between the fighter of right and wrong.

The Muharram 10 that is commemorating in historical books and religious written works is named as “Ashura” and has its own historical worthies.
In this historical day Adam has created, Noah (MGBPWH) and Ibrahim (MGPWH) were rescued from storm and Nimrud fire respectively. Other events and incidents were also occurred in this historical day. Who was Yazid and why he martyred whom who was the grandson of Hazrat-i-Mohammad (CPUH) that was regarding his blood as his own and his flash as his own as well as he enumerated enmity with Imam Husssain as enmity with himself. A close friend of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Um-i-Salma said: In a night, Hazrat-i-Mohammad (PBUH) left his home for outside. He returned lately.
His hand was full.
I said, Oh, Mohammad (PBUH). What is the situation?
The messenger of Islam replied: This night, I was brought in a place of Iraq that is named as Karbala. It was asserted to me that there is the place of murdering of a group composed of your some off springs and his family members. In that time, the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) opened his hand and suggested: Keep it and when I inspected it, it was like a reddish soil and in the connection with it, the prophet (PBUH) has asserted: if this soil be changed into a fresh blood, you should know that Imam Hussain is martyred. When Imam Hussain left for Kufa. Tomorrow that was Moharram 10th and Imam Hussain was martyred in that day, that soil had its own state and when I considered it at the end of that day, the soil was changed into a fresh one. I cried and desired the enemies of family member of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) be remained unaware.
It was reported that Imam Hussain and his family members all were martyred in that day. Yazid who was willing to be the caliph of Islamic ummah, it was said that in that time when Imam Hussain was alive, Yazid sent a message to Imam to make him swear allegiance.
Albeit in agreeing with this issue, despite remaining safe from his and his colleges convenience he would also own a great booty. As in beginning, Hazrat-i-Imam Hussain has tightened his loins due to a charter to condemn this demand of Yazid and warned not to stretch his hand to important issues of Muslims and prepared himself to fight against Yazid misbehaviors.

As it was the order of Almighty Allah, with limited number, Imam Hussain hurriedly entered into bloody fighting in the land of Karbala and instructed his followers not to spare from shedding the last drop of their clean blood in the way of Almighty Allah. He regarded faith and Jehad as his life and was encouraging his colleagues and family members in this Jehad and the dignitaries of Yazid kneed to Imam.

Finally, he martyred with the arrow of enemies of Islam. Yazid s/o Maawia was man of pleasure and the atmosphere of his life was full of corruption and immoralities. He was tyrant. Through varieties of intrigues, Yazid was annihilating his enemies. When he was wanting to take the allegiance from his fiefdom tyrannically, soon he was facing with the harsh resistance of Imam Hussain and his colleagues. The uprising of Imam Hussain against Yadiz was a righteous one. Celebrating from Moharram 10th that according to messenger saying is named as Ashura necessitates to be done and welcome by taking fast, performing worships and giving alms to poor and other charity behaviors.

Our pious people mark this day with grand functions country-wide. In this day, our cities and villages are witnessing of fully recitation of holy Quran with high interests and enthusiasm.

In Muharram 10th, our Muslem people go to graveyards and resort to giving sermons in mosques and takias.

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