• publish: 13 February 2019
  • time: 12:35 pm
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In Kunar province, a large-scale operation launched by Afghan forces

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces launched a large-scale operation in Kunar province.

During this operation, strikes against insurgents heavily damaged Taliban strongholds. One of these was a strike against a large IED factory and the Taliban Headquarters facility which resulted in 20 enemy killed.

According to the local military and security officials “Soldiers and police spent a week in both rain and snow clearing known Taliban locations in Arghistan district of Kandahar.”

As the security forces moved through local areas throughout Arghistan, they received contact with insurgents which resulted in an additional 5 enemy killed.   

The Commander of the 205th Atal Corps of the Afghan Military Gen. Iman Nazar said “Although there has been a large Taliban presence in the past, the citizens of Arghistan remain supportive of the police and security forces that protect this area.”

“The biggest impact of this operation is that local bazaars were able to reopen to local residents and allow them more freedom of movement in the area,” said Arghistan village leader.

“The people of Arghistan support us and we would not be able to do this operation without the support of the people. We will continue to defend and serve our country.” Arghistan District Police Commander

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