• publish: 16 September 2015
  • time: 3:35 pm
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In last 24 hours, Afghan security forces’ operations left 145 insurgents killed and wounded  

The Afghan defense ministry, in a statement on Wednesday, said that the Afghan forces’ anti-terrorism operations resulted in the killing or wounding of at least 145 Taliban militants across the country in the last 24 hours.

The statement said that the operations were carried out in Sarobi district of Kabul, Samkani, Dandi Patan and Zurmat districts of Paktia, Naish and Maiwand districts of Kandahar, Dehrawoud, Surab, Charchino, Chora, Chinar Tu, Chaka Joy, Gizab and Khas Urozgan districts of Urozgan, Kajran district of Daikundi, Bakwa and Gulistan districts of Farah, Aab Kamari and Bala Murghab districts of Badghis and Kurkh District of Herat provinces in past 24 hours.

According to the statement 70 militants were killed, 75 others wounded and two insurgents were detained during these operations.

Six Afghan National Army soldiers also were killed due to landmine explosions and insurgent fire, the statement added.

Afghan security forces have been busy in several large-scale military operations against Taliban and other militant groups in parts of the country.

During these independent operations, Afghan forces have retaken areas that were under Taliban control for many years.

Afghan forces launched independent military operations against insurgents after taking full charge of security from NATO-led security forces at the beginning of this year.

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