• publish: 16 October 2021
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In one week but two different mosques, the father and son lost their lives

Haji Nematullah Rajabi, who had lost his son in a separate terrorist attack in Knduz Seyyed Abad mosque last week, was among the victims of yesterday (Friday October 15 2021) terrorists attack on Fetemiyeh grand mosque in Kandahar.

Yesterday terrorist attack on Fetemiyeh grand mosque related to Shia minorities in Kandahar left 47 civilians mostly worshipers killed and other dozens wounded.

The terrorist attack occurred when worshipers were inside the mosque for saying their Friday prayers.

Daesh took responsibility of the attack.

Earlier, Friday October 8 2021, another terrorist attack by Daesh on Seyyed Abad Grand mosque in Kunduz had left 50 worshipers killed.  

Among the victims of these two separate bloody incidents, the story for a family has been very bitter: over just one week and in a distance of 1000 apart, the family lost their two members.

Haji Nematullah Rajabi, who was among the worshipers of Fatemiyeh grand mosque, belongs to Shia minorities, in Kandahar, was killed yesterday.

This is while his son, Ezatullah Rajabi, had been killed in another similar terrorist attack in Seyyed Abad grand mosque, also belongs to Shia minorities.   

Talking to Raha News Agency in Kandahar, close relatives of Rajabi`s family said after the Taliban taking over, Ezatullah, the son of Haji Nematullah, moved in Kunduz province, Haji Nematullah was the local resident of Kandahar, though.

Ezatullah went to Kunduz to run a family therm and manage other family properties such as lands.   

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