• publish: 1 April 2021
  • time: 11:16 am
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In Taliban attacks in Herat 6 security personnel killed

Local officials in Herat province said Thursday that six security force members were killed and several others were wounded in Taliban attacks and an explosion in the province.

Herat Governor Sayed Wahid Qatali said the Taliban attacked Pashton Zarghon, Shindand and Oba districts overnight- where at least four security personnel were killed and several others were wounded.

Qatali said that the Taliban first detonated a car bomb near a National Security Directorate (NDS) department in Shindand district and then clashed with security forces.

Four security personnel were killed in this incident, Qatali added.

Qatali says Taliban also suffered casualties but he did not give details.

According to Qatali the Taliban also attacked Pashton Zarghon and Oba districts last night.

The clashes lasted for several hours but after the arrival of reinforcements in the area and airstrikes the Taliban were pushed back.

Qatali says that there were no casualties among forces in Pashton Zarghon and Oba districts.

The Taliban have not commented yet.

Meanwhile, Herat Deputy Governor Noor Ahmad Haidari said that an explosion took place at a police post this morning. He did not comment on casualties.

But Ibrahim Mohammadi, from the Herat ambulance department, said two people who had died and one who was injured had been taken to hospital.

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