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Independence Day to be celebrated in Nangarhar among increasing fervors

The preparations for celebration of the Independence Day have been started around ten days ago and roads, markets and other parts of Jalalabad, the capital city of province, are being decorated with national flags and photos of King Amanullah Khan.

Salim Khan Kunduzi, the provincial governor, told Azadi Radio that the national day would be celebrated with pomp and show in Nangarhar this year, because King Ammunallah’s mausoleum is located in the province. He added that governors of eastern provinces and other high ranking officials will participate in the festivals.

The civil society activists, journalists and cultural figures have also launched a campaign to decorate the streets, roads and markets with national flags and photos of King Amanullah Khan and President Ashraf Ghani.

Hedayatullah Zahir, a civil society activist, said that they have hoisted tens of thousands of flags in various parts of the province. He added that they will continue the campaign.

Kunduzi also took part in the campaign the other night. He appreciated the enthusiasm of Afghan youth, who voluntarily participate in large numbers in the drives to decorate the city.

In the meantime, participants of the campaign said that they are very excited to celebrate the event with great pomp and show.

Zubair Khaksar, a campaigner, called on all Afghans to at least hoist one national flag on their houses, shops and public places.

Independence Day is celebrated in Afghanistan on August 19. In 1919 the British Empire was defeated by Afghans and eventually the queen was compelled to give up control of Afghanistan’s foreign affairs.