• publish: 31 January 2018
  • time: 5:30 pm
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After Afghanistan chained attacks

India slams Pakistan over terror safe havens

After Afghanistan attacks, India slams Pakistan over terror safe haven.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking with Afghanistan president in a phone call on Wednesday condemned recent attacks in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan suffered four deadly attacks in just over a week recently which left more than 100 dead and many more injured.

According to a Ghani’s office statement during the call, Modi said that such attacks are launched from terrorist safe havens and training countries in the neighborhood.

He called for bilateral talks over elimination of terror sanctuaries and continuation of serious efforts in this regard.

Modi claimed that India declare its preparation offering any help for treatment of people who were injured in recent attacks, adding India will always support Afghanistan as a friend.

Also Ghani thanked Pakistan for expressing sympathy with Afghanistan and called India a honest friend of Afghanistan.

He said that it was time to isolate countries which support terrorism.

Ghani said that Kabul bombing on January 27 was similar to Mumbai assault in 2008 and September 11 attacks in New York.


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