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Indian action film on Afghan war “Torbaaz” out soon

Torbaaz, an Indian action film that projects Afghan war, is expected to be released by Bollywood cinemas Friday.

Afghan film star Humayun Shams Khan, who played a pivotal role in the film talked about the values and impacts of this movie.

Khan said the film produced by Bollywood cinema, will be played by the famed Indian actor Sanjay Dutt.

The film is based on the current war in Afghanistan and the main purpose of the film is that Afghan children who should educate are being exploited to war, he said, the movie reveals how and who benefits from these children.

Shams also talked about his role in the movie, indicating he is mostly “behind the scenes” but in the latter parts, he appears in the film as a “soldier”.

He added that he has supported in given a lot of information to the filmmakers about the culture, languages ​​, and traditions of Afghanistan.

Shams added, “many children from Afghanistan have been sent to India to train as actors in the movie.”

Torbaaz was filmed in India, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan, and that the film was originally planned to be shot to the end in Afghanistan, but as the security situation in Afghanistan continue to worsen, producers were not able to shoot the movie in the country, Afghan actor shams described.  

When asked why Sanjay Dutt and Indian cinema want to make films on Afghanistan, Shams said, “Sanjay Dutt loves Afghanistan and her people very much and always says why the war is going on in Afghanistan”, and that “these people need peace and they should have a good life.”

He added that Sanjay Dutt wants to show the world a “true and secure image of Afghanistan” through his films.

Shams expressed his happiness in regards to Torbaaz movie, expressing that he is sure the film will be more appealing much of the people, especially Afghans.

Humayun Shams Khan also talked about his career with Khaama Press, recalling that “he loved movies since he was a child and said that he first studied acting at a film training center in Canada, and have appeared in many movies in different characters.”

He added that his performance led him to be offered roles in one of the most popular cinema industries in the world, Bollywood.

Shams said, “apart from Torbaaz, there are three other films that will be released in Bollywood soon”, and that he has also started a series in Afghanistan called “Mamuriat Seri” (Confidential Mission) which is mostly shot in Turkey.

“Torbaaz movie will be released in high quality on Netflix on Friday, December 11”, Shams added.

Humayun Shams Khan stressed on Afghans in the last part of the interview that they must stop prejudice and hatred towards each other, and citizens belonging to any tribe should join hands to Unite and build Afghanistan.

whenever he goes to any country, he is known as an Afghan; not Pashtun, not Tajik, not Hazara, as he called on all of the Afghans to be united in moving Afghanistan forward to develop.

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