• publish: 29 June 2021
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Infrastructure destruction shows Taliban’s extremism

The U.S Charge d’ Affairs’, Ross Wilson has criticized the Taliban’s behavior and actions while they fight the Afghan government, demolish the infrastructures and public properties.

“Seeing shocking reports from Andkhoy district of Faryab, the Taliban’s burning of shops & gov. buildings, detaining of people, & destruction of infrastructure & communication networks demonstrate their extremism & their disregard for the human rights of the Afghan people”, Ross Wilson tweeted.

This comes as the Taliban militants set fire to at least 100 stores and 20 residences in the Andkhoy district of Afghanistan’s northern Faryab province, authorities reported on Sunday.

Fighting began between government troops and attacking Taliban insurgents in the restive Andkhoy area the other day. According to provincial police spokesperson Mohammad Karim Yurash, the terrorists abandoned the district on Friday following fierce combat in which 25 insurgents were killed.

“The Taliban militants after leaving 25 bodies behind fled away, but before fleeing they torched up to 100 shops including carpet selling shops, grocery, and vegetables. The fleeing Taliban also set ablaze 20 houses in the district,” Yurash stated.

Andkhoy is a port district in Faryab province, near the border between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

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