• publish: 4 May 2019
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Iran embassy in Kabul praised Loya Jirga for peace

Praising the Loya Jirga for peace, Iran embassy twitted ”Convening the Consultative Peace Loya Jirga, as a traditional symbol of Afghans’ participation in decision making on controversial issues, is an evidence of the people’s demand for peace.”

The Consultative Peace Loya Jirga, or Assembly of the Elderly, comprised of more than 3,000 delegates across the country convened April 29-May 3 in pursuit of finding a common ground for peace talks with Taliban militant group.
The Assembly released a resolution at the closing ceremony on Friday urging Taliban to accept a cease-fire plan and get involved in reconstruction the country.

The extremist group of Taliban previously announced that it did not recognize Loya Jirga, and advised the Afghan figures not to attend the meeting.

In the closing resolution, Loya Jirga demanded that Taliban and Afghan government prepare the ground for peace in Afghanistan by agreeing a cease-fire and the prisoners swap on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan.

Recognizing the Afghanistan’s Constitution and the Islamic Republic system of the country, it has stipulated that any reform can be made to the Constitution within specific frameworks.

The resolution said that the intra-Afghan peace talks with Taliban can be comprised of 50 members.

The previous Loya Jirga was held in 2013.

Taliban militants practically control half of Afghanistan, and have claimed the responsibility of numerous terrorist attacks across the country.

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