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Iran president announces partial withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran will give 60 days for signatories to return to negotiating financial and oil deals.

Failure to implement the “promises” will mean Tehran’s partial withdrawal from the deal.

International partners still agreed to the deal urged Iran to remain. Russia blamed the US withdrawal for the current deterioration.

Iran’s limited withdrawal from JCPOA is a warning shot to Europe

Speaking to reporters in Moscow, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif said Iran would be partially withdrawing from the 2015 agreement.

“Articles 26 and 36 of the JCPOA [the nuclear deal] authorise Iran and, of course, other members not to implement partly or completely their commitments if any party did not comply,” Iranian state news agency, Irna, quoted him as saying.

He said the details of Iran’s withdrawal would be announced in the country’s Supreme National Security Council – a major body composed of the country’s top leaders.

Mr Zarif said the move was in response to the American withdrawal from the JCPOA, saying that Washington’s decisions under the Donald Trump administration were aimed at derailing the deal.

“After a year of patience, Iran stops measures that US has made impossible to continue,” Mr Zarif tweeted.

On May 8 2018, US withdrew from JCPOA, violated UNSCR 2231 & pressured others—incl E3—to do the same

After a year of patience, Iran stops measures that US has made impossible to continue

Our action is within the terms of JCPOA.

Mr Zarif is in Russia to hold talks with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about bilateral, regional and international issues – including “co-operation regarding JCPOA and Venezuela”.

The meeting is being held exactly one year since the Trump administration withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal.

The news came after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo travelled to Baghdad on an unannounced visit on Tuesdayamid rising tensions with Iran.