• publish: 14 October 2015
  • time: 4:53 pm
  • category: Economy
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Iranian City Bank ready to help Afghanistan establish similar bank

Bank Shahr or the City Bank of Iran that delivers essential funding for development and infrastructure projects across Iran is ready to assist Afghanistan establish a similar bank.

The ethos of the bank is innovation in service which applies to both the retail banking services and way to support urban development.

“We have been able to draw trust of people in our seven years of service through our modern ways of banking. We raised our capital from $58 million to $550 million throughout this period,” said head of the bank in a meeting with visiting Afghan delegation.

Bank Shahr officials said if Afghanistan agrees they are ready to assist the country establish a similar bank to work for the city development and construction.

Afghanistan’s Minister of Urban Development Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi who is leading the delegation to Iran welcomed the offer.

“The development of your bank shows strong administration and commitment of service. I welcome and back your offer to provide similar facilities for the people in my country.” Naderi said.

Minister Naderi arrived in Iran on Saturday for the recruitment of Iranian investment for the housing projects in Afghanistan, expansion of cooperation for the roads and urban development, experience sharing, and looking at the affordable housing projects there.

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