• publish: 5 February 2019
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Iranian official: US deploying ISIL terrorists in Afghanistan

Iran has accurate information which indicates that the United States is transferring ISIL terrorist to Afghanistan, said Top military aide to Iran’s Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi.

Safavi made the remarks Tuesday in an event held at the University of Tehran.

He went on to say that, as some American analysts confess, US strategy to attack Afghanistan and Iraq was wrong since it led to the elimination of Iran’s enemies. Main opponents of US are Russia and China which used this strategic mistake to boost their economy, he added.

“Americans wanted to create a secular enemy for Iran in Iraq and Afghanistan in two or three years, while the Iraqi government is now a Muslim state with Shia majority in its parliament, and the Afghan government is not our enemy.”

With the conspiracy of the Americans, the Zionists, and some Arab countries, more than 100,000 ISIL terrorists attacked Syrian and Iraqi government and people, and they were also planning to come to Iran, claiming the caliphate of Khorasan, he noted, adding, these terrorists were formed by intelligence services of US, Israeli regime and UK.

“The Syrian and Iraqi governments sought help from Iran and with the guidance of Leader of Islamic Revolution and advisory presence of Iran, Takfiri terrorists failed to achieve their goals. The Iranian, Russian and Hezbollah alliance with the help of Afghan brothers defeat the coalition of US, Israel and some Arab countries. And also Turkey joined the Iran-Russia coalition after 2016.”

“Over the past forty years, the deepening of Iran’s strategic defense against Zionist threats led to the Islamic Republic’s enhancing its geopolitical weight and geopolitical boundaries in the West Asian region. And now Iran is a regional power, whether Americans like it or not.”

Elsewhere, he said that during past 230 years, five major revolutions have broken out around the globe, namely in France, China, Cuba, Russia, and Iran, adding, “Iran’s Islamic Revolution was different from other revolutions in many aspects.”

One of the differences was that Islamic Revolution dismissed the bipolar system in the world and paved the ground for a multipolar one, Safavi maintained.

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