• publish: 16 July 2020
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Is Afghan peace process on right track?

Some politicians say that the peace process and its possible outcome are not yet clear and that the issue of peace and war in Afghanistan is unclear.

Meanwhile, McKenzie, the commander of the US central command during his visit to Kabul, assured that the US will continue to work with Afghanistan so that the country does not become a haven for terrorism again.

According to the Doha peace agreement, in the second phase, all foreign troops will leave Afghanistan in the next 14 months. But on the one hand, there is no talk of dialogue between Afghans and no reduction in violence and peace programs.

“Afghanistan is at a critical juncture in history, on the one hand, peace is being sought, and on the other, war is continuing,” said Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High National Council for Reconciliation.

While Kabul’s path to peace has not yet been paved; The United States as one of Afghanistan’s allies is in its post-exit planning. During his visit to Kabul, General Kent McKenzie the commander of the US Central Command assured that Afghanistan will not go back to the past.

Intra-Afghan Talks were scheduled to take place in Doha this week, But the dispute over the release of prisoners and the escalation of violence has apparently disrupted all plans.

“Now the Taliban must show goodwill and prepare for negotiations,” said Farooq Majrouh, a member of the peace negotiating team.

“In this situation, the United States is more concerned with speeding up the exit process, and in the meantime, the Afghan people are falling victim,” said Fahim Siddiqui, a political analyst.

On the other hand, the Washington Post recently reported on the differences between the Taliban military commanders and the group’s political leaders over the future of Afghanistan and said that some Taliban militants are thinking of a military victory and the shattering the Afghan state. But the Taliban have denied any differences between the group’s military and politicians.

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