• publish: 2 October 2021
  • time: 12:07 am
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IS-K hideout raided after it hit Taliban fighters’ car in Parwan

Taliban officials have said Friday’s shootings and blasts was due to their raid at an IS-K hideout in north-eastern Parwan province.

Bilal Karimi a spokesman for the Taliban told Associated Press that their fighters on Friday conducted an operation at an IS-K hideout in Charikar city of north-eastern province of Parwan, after the terror group hit a Taliban car with a magnetic bomb.

The magnetic mine hit a Taliban vehicle in the district on Friday in which four Taliban fighters were wounded, Bilal said.

He added that subsequently the Taliban fighters could arrest two IS members linked with the bombing and based on information achieved during interrogation, a hideout of the IS-K was identified.  

Bilal said an operation soon carried out at the hideout during which some IS members were killed and some terror members were arrested. He did not reveal any exact number.

Since the Taliban’s takeover of the country, IS has several times threatened it would target Taliban leaders across the country.

Parwan is located north of Kabul and west of Panjshir province where a resistant group still oppose Taliban.

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