• publish: 23 November 2015
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Deputy Parliament:

IS supported by some domestic Security Entities

Deputy to Afghanistan Parliament Zahir Qadir says IS commanders have active presence in Kabul and are supported by some Security Entities.  

Having fought against terrorists for three months in eastern Nangarhar province, Zahir Qadir appeared today on the Parliament court and claimed Afghan IS hardliners and commanders are living in Kabul and have relations with some Kabul-based embassies and security entities.

This statement comes amid some other parliament members also voiced their concern the other day and said there are some circles who are supporting terrorists in the country.

Zahir Qadir implicitly blamed National Security Advisor for the recent increase of insecurity.

He mentioned that National Security Advisor Office has dominated the country and is orienting it to crisis.

Zahir Qadir urged the parliament members to scrutinize the office’s functioning and budget.

“Mines had been planted all around our house when I intended to enter Nangarhar, and I suspect it might have been the work of some commanders of our security entities,” he said.

He said that no group of terrorists have the capability to plant mines around his house.

Zahir Qadir went on say that there are around 20 thousands migrants settled in Nangarhar province, most of whom came from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Arab, Pakistan, and Chechen and hold Pakistani IDs.

He said that these migrants are equipped with light and heavy weapons and living in border areas of the province and have the support from certain people from within the government.

Zahir Qadir says if one wants to deal with these people, he will be hampered by some high-ranking officials from the government.

Deputy to Parliament Zahir Qadir criticized the government and said “when we vote for one, he has to protect our sovereignty and land, but the current government acts dictatorially.”

“The government has blamed me of creating militia instead of appreciating me,” said Qadir, adding that “at a time when my family is in danger and has no security, I have to defend.”

Zahir Qadir rejects all accusation of having been supported by foreign countries and adds he has bought weaponry from his personal money and will do so to the extend he can.

Regarding the purchase of weapon, he said that he will not be responsible to anyone except to the parliament.

Zahir Qadir is Nangarhar representative in Afghan parliament who went to eastern Nangarhar province to fight against terrorists three months ago.

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