• publish: 15 October 2017
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ISIS in Afghanistan backed by CIA, MI6 and RAW: Pakistani officials

Some Pakistani defense officials have claimed ISIS in Afghanistan are fully supported from foreigner intelligence agencies like CIA, MI6 and Indian intelligence service.  

Talking to Pakistani media “The News”, Pakistani defense circles have disclosed that it is an established fact, though quite deplorable, that the top world intelligence agencies like RAW, CIA and MI6 are supporting ISIS in Afghanistan which has its impact on Pakistan too.

According to these sources, “We also understand that Afghanistan, India and USA would endeavour to snoop into Baluchistan of Pakistan in order to sabotage China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for which an ingress would be needed by ISIS into Pakistan, as is the conviction and planning of the aforementioned prominent intelligence agencies”.

The ISIS strategy is focusing on the youth and this strategy enjoys the endorsement of the said agencies which continue formulating such plans on a constant footing aimed at destabilising the targeted people and countries. This trend of ISIS, targeting the young people, is a global phenomenon that is likely to persist, add the sources which have also given reference to a report about westerners of different age groups, mostly the youth, joining ISIS.

According to this report, about 5000 westerners have travelled to Iraq and Syria (many via Turkey) to join ISIS. Of these, more than 500 have come from the US, at least 1000 from UK and more than 3500 from France and rest of Europe (according to estimates obtained by intelligence circles from authorities in these countries).

The defence circles ask: “What has ISIS actually done on ground other than destroying Iraq, Libya and Syria and badly damaging the unity of the Islamic world. Whom are they serving and for what purpose; has ISIS ever launched an attack against Israel, their real master”?

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