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ISIS claims it targets all Shia Muslims in Middle East

The IS said in a statement published by its Al-Naba weekly magazine that the group would continue targeting Shia Muslims especially Afghan Hazara community from Baghdad in Iraq to Khorasan regions, an alternative name for older Afghanistan.

The IS has called Afghan Hazara community as an alliance to the Islamic Republic of Iran, claiming Hazaras also helped the US-led western alliance to fight against ISIS. 

The terror group also claimed the rivalry between Shia and Sunni communities is rising in the Middle East and that the Sunni community has accepted the potential threats of Shia existence.

The group threats came just one day after it targeted a Shiite mosque in southern Afghanistan Kandahar province, killing at least 60 Shia worshippers and leaving wounded many others. A week ago, the group carried out a similar attack on another Mosque in northern Kunduz province leaving almost the same number of casualties.  

Before the Afghan government collapse and re-rise of Taliban, the ISIS was almost defeated to the ground by Afghan and some Middle Eastern countries’ security forces including Iran, Iraq and Syria.