• publish: 10 March 2019
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Iranian President:

Islamabad should act against the Jaish al Adl terrorist group

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has urged Islamabad to act against the group which claimed responsibility for the attack on Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in mid-February.

Rouhani has also warned that failure to act against the perpetrators of the attack could jeopardize relations between Tehran and Islamabad.

He made the remarks during a telephone conversation with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday, according to Reuters citing a report by IRNA.

This comes as a suicide bomber targeted Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Southeast of the country leaving at least 27 soldiers dead.

The Sunni group Jaish al Adl (Army of Justice), which says it seeks greater rights and better living conditions for the ethnic Baluchi minority, claimed responsibility for the attack.

“We are awaiting your decisive operations against these terrorists,” IRNA quoted Rouhani as telling Khan.

“We should not allow decades of friendship and fraternity between the two countries to be affected by the actions of small terrorist groups, the source of whose financing and arms is known to both of us,” Rouhani said.

In the meantime, Pakistan’s Prime Minister has said that Pakistani forces had come close to the attackers’ hideout and there would soon be “good news” for Iran.

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