• publish: 15 January 2022
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Islamic Emirate: Taxes will be collected in a transparent way

Following the Islamic Emirate plans on Zakat and tithes, Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, the second deputy of the prime minister pledged the current Afghan government would collect the taxes in a transparent manner.

He urged those who owe taxes to pay them to help tackle the current challenges in Afghanistan.  

Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi accused the former government of being involved in corruption and said there were around 9 billion Afs embezzled annually.  

He made the remarks at a gathering held with the title “Finance Week” on Saturday in Kabul, where other senior members of the Islamic Emirate also participated.  

“Those who are able to pay taxes should pay taxes properly, so funds can be spent in the education and health sectors,” Hanafi said.  

He The Ministry of Finance called on the citizens to pay their taxes on time.  

The acting Minister of Finance, Hidayatullah Badri, said the taxes would be invested in the country’s affairs for economic development.  

“The Finance Ministry has the responsibility for economic development and the management of humanitarian aid,” he said. 

“We should pay our taxes on time to become independent in financial affairs,” said Miraj Mohammad Miraj, an official within the ministry. 

Other members of the Islamic Emirate’s acting cabinet suggested that the collection of taxes will help to avert an economic meltdown in the country.  

“We will affect the fate of our country by paying taxes to help vulnerable people,” said Nooruddin Azizi, acting Minister of Commerce and Industry.  

“The basics of the economy is investment, especially small business,” said Noorul Haq Omari, head of the Afghanistan Craftsman and Shopkeeper Chamber.

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