• publish: 12 October 2021
  • time: 6:14 pm
  • category: Politics
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Islamic Emirate`s governor in Badakhshan: Religious minorities` security, our priority

As part of his trip to borders` area, the Islamic Emirate`s governor for Badakhshan province entered Shagnan city today Monday October 12.

Mowlawi Aman-u-ddin Mansur said religious miniroties` security is a priority.

Listening to residents` problems, he promised improvements in public health, education and security fields particularly keeping security of religious minorities and protections for their properties and lives.  

Evaluating the border cities` security of the province, he ordered the local organizations to seriously and unbiasedly deal with the people`s problems.  

Recently, the Islamic Emirate`s governor in Badakhshan has increased his trip to border cities.

This comes as Tajikistan has also increased its military maneuverers.  

Meanwhile, Tajikistan president Imam Ali Rahman left Dushanbe for Brussels, Belgium capital, last night at the official invitation of EU Council president, Charles Michel to discuss Afghanistan situations.

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