• publish: 1 August 2016
  • time: 7:30 pm
  • category: Social
  • No: 4038

A juvenile detention centre established in Farah province

Afghan ministry of justice financed establishing of a juvenile detention centre in Farah province with a cost of $700,000.

The newly inagurated juvenile detention cnetre was built on 2 acres of land and can house 40 children.

Nasir Mehri, a spokesman for provincial governor of Farah said during the inauguration ceremony that the cost to build the detention centre amounted to $700,000 and was paid by Afghan ministry of justice.

Faraha governor and a number of other officials inaugurated the detention centre this morning.

This is the first juvenile detention centre established in Farah. There was no other such a cnetre before here in this province which used to cause judiciary officials so many problems.

It is worth mentioning that most provinces don’t have such cnetres for children and women.

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