• publish: 6 October 2015
  • time: 11:32 am
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Kabul 10-hours clashes ended, 4 insurgents killed

A coordinated Taliban attack on a guesthouse, belong to a former government official, in the seventh police district of Kabul city ended with the killing of four bombers by security forces, in which seven policemen were also injured, an official said on Tuesday.

Four Taliban fighters stormed a house in Darul Aman area, near to Russian Embassy, last night.

The first attacker detonated his full of explosives car in front of the house and three others forced their way to the building, belongs to the ex-governor of Helmand province. No one was living in the house and was empty during the attack.

After 10 hours of fighting, the three remaining militants were killed by Afghan Special Forces.

Civilian suffered no casualties. Seven policemen sustained light injuries, who were already shifted to hospital and were in stable condition.

Security forces were acting carefully to prevent civilian casualties, causing the attack to last for several hours, Kabul police spokesman, Ibadullah Karimi, said.

This come in a while that National Directorate of Security on Sunday shot dead two suicide bombers in Kabul city, who had plan to attack security forces.

Zabihullah Mujahid, who claim to be Taliban spokesman, said their fighters were behind the attack in which he claimed to have imposed casualties on security forces.

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