• publish: 31 October 2021
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Kabul residents complain: Winter approaching and fuel prices high

A number of Kabul residents say the price of fuel, especially wood, has risen dramatically compared to last year in the markets as the cold weather approaches.

According to the residents, they are worried about finding fuel this winter and are struggling to buy wood to keep their houses warm.

Some of the families said they are struggling with providing food for their children, adding that the rise in fuel prices has added to their problems.

Sattar, a resident of Kabul who is the father of four children, said he is concerned about the winter.

“Days and nights I think: how will my children survive this winter?  I do not know what I should provide for first–food or wood,” he said.

Sattar has rented a cheap house which does not have a heating system. His family’s monthly income is 9,000 Afghanis and he says it is not enough to provide food and to keep the house warm in the winter.

According to businessmen, the price of fuel has increased from 35 to 75 Afghanis per liter.

A wood seller in Kabul said the price of wood has increased this year because of the increase in fuel prices, making the transport of wood more expensive.

“This year, due to the rise of fuel cost, the price of wood has risen,” said a wood trader.

The residents voice their concerns amid reports saying poverty and unemployment, especially among the rural population, has increased this year due to the recent political changes.

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