• publish: 23 January 2021
  • time: 12:30 pm
  • category: International
  • No: 16713

Kabulov: US can’t prove Taliban-Moscow links

The Biden administration’s attempts to find links between Moscow and the Taliban would not succeed, says Russia.

In June, a major US newspaper reported that the American intelligence community had informed then President Donald Trump about Russian efforts to place bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan.

If a fair investigation was conducted, Washington would reach the conclusion that such allegations were just nonsense, Russia’s special presidential representative for Afghanistan said.

Sputnik quoted Zamir Kabulov as saying on Friday: “They can only invent things, as such facts just don’t exist. If the new administration has a desire to conduct an in-depth study, we can only welcome that…”

He insisted that if the investigation was carried out in a transparent way, the US would understand they are just doing stupid things.”

Kabulov reiterated attempts to find connections between Moscow and the Taliban could not be successful.

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