• publish: 18 October 2021
  • time: 11:59 pm
  • category: Social
  • No: 19363

Kandahar mosque injuries taken to Iran for treatment

A number of Kandahar Shia mosque injuries have been taken to Mashhad of Iran for treatment.


A number of Kandahar Fatemia Shia Mosque injuries have been taken to Iran to be treated at a military hospital in eastern Mashhad city.

A deadly suicide attack hit Shiite Fatemia Mosque in southern Kandahar province, killing at least 62 people and leaving 90 more others wounded.

IS-K in a statement claimed responsibility for the attack, followed by another statement in its weekly warning all other Afghan Shia community to be targeted.  

A week ago, the terror group carried out a similar attack on another Shia Mosque in northern Kunduz province, leaving at least 50 people killed.

Iranian health ministry had earlier announced its readiness to provide the Kunduz mosque injuries with health services.


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