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Kandahar Shiite mosque; Ali Meysam also died; 3 Fridays and 3 martyrs from one family

Last Friday, Fatemiyeh Grand Mosque in Kandahar was targeted by ISIS in a terrorist attack where more than 60 people were killed and 90 more injured.

One week earlier, ISIS had targeted Seyedabad Grand Mosque in Kunduz province. More than 50 people were killed and more than 100 were injured in that deadly incident.

Both mosques which were attacked by ISIS on two consecutive Fridays during Friday prayers, belong to Shiites in Afghanistan.

The story of these two terrorist attacks were a lot bitter for one family: Haji Nematullah Rajabi`s family lost its loved in these two attacks.   

Haji Nematullah Rajabi lost his son named Ezatullah Rajabi in the incident of Seyed Abad Grand Mosque in Kunduz province.

After bringing his son’s dead body to Kandahar, he held a funeral ceremony at Fatemieh Grand Mosque, and after the ceremony, he attended Friday prayers at noon on the same day.

While Haji Nematullah is in line of worshipers, the ISIS terrorist group targeted the mosque and Haji Nematullah Rajabi was martyred.

Ali Meysam, the grandson of Nematullah Rajabi and son of Ezatullah Rajabi, was also injured in the incident at the Fatemieh Grand Mosque.

According to social media in Kandahar, today Saturday October 24 2021, Ali Meysam Rajabi also died of his wounds yesterday (Friday October 23) and joined his father and grandfather.

Thus, three sad Fridays was recorded for Rajabi`s family: Ezatullah Rajabi died in the incident of the first Friday, Nematullah Rajabi, the grandfather in the incident of the second Friday, and Ali Meysam Rajabi, the grandson, died on the third Friday.

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