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Karzai: No need to Pakistani manpower in Afghanistan

Karzai added “Afghanistan has professional and highly educated experts in every field, including hundreds of thousands of young men and women inside and outside the country, so there is no need for experts to come from abroad”.

Chairing the third meeting of the Apex Committee on Afghanistan, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday directed relevant authorities to “explore bilateral cooperation with friendly countries” to avert a looming humanitarian crisis in the neighbouring state by exporting qualified and trained manpower, especially in the fields of medical, IT, finance and accounting.

Karzai appreciated Pakistani government for its proposal to send foreign experts, including Pakistani experts, to Afghanistan but rejected such a proposal.

He also called on the Taliban administration to facilitate job opportunities and employ young experts and also ease the return of Afghans and professionals currently living in exile, “so that our beloved country can be built with the powerful arms of its own children.”