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Karzai reaction to a Taliban top official; Unity is the path to stability

In his recent speech in Balkh province, Hanafi called former Afghan leaders as “criminals,” who were granted amnesty, reassuring the public that if they are granted protection all Afghans will be safe.

The office of former president Hamid Karzai reacted to Hanafi’s remarks saying, “The former Afghan president does not consider the remarks of the vice and virtue minister significant enough to warrant a discussion but would advise him that unity is the path to stability and a national system in our beloved country.

He said that those who made massive property gains in the past years should be held accountable.  

Hanafi’s remarks sparked various reactions among the Afghans. Hanafi had said that the reason for naming the officials “traitor” was to remove concerns from the people over the general amnesty.

He had said that the world’s stress on the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan was aimed to form a corrupt government in Afghanistan.  

With the fall of the former government, the former president, Ashraf Ghani, and his aids left the country. Karzai, Abdullah and some of the Afghan leaders are still settled in the country.