• publish: 12 February 2019
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Karzai welcomes Ghani`s order on convening Loya Jirga

Karzai welcoming Ghani`s order on convening Loya Jirga, said it is the best way to resolve the issues of Afghanistan.

According to a statement by Karzai`s office the former president announced his support and endorses Ghani’s readiness to convene a consultative Loya Jirga with an aim to resolve the issues of Afghanistan.

“I welcome and support the decision by President Ashraf  Ghani to convene a traditional Loya Jirga to help resolve the challenges our country is facing and to advance the peace process. As I have always said, at difficult times, Loya Jirga is the most legitimate and representative body to address national issues,” Karzai said.

This comes as President Ghani said Monday that Afghanistan is a country of Jirgas and consultations emphasizing that the government is prepared to move forward with consultations until a National Grand Council meeting is convened regarding peace.

In his speech at the closing of the first consultative summit regarding peace, president Ghani said a comprehensive and united view exists regarding peace.

He also instructed the Secretariat Chief of the Afghan High Peace Council Mohammad Omar Daudzai to convene National Consultative Jirga (Grand National Council) meeting in March.

President Ghani further added that the Jirga should be attended by representatives of all segments of the society to discuss peace process, flexibilities for peace and the non-negotiable values.

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