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Key points outlined in Washington’s plan for transitional govt

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has handed over Washington’s plan for the formation of a transitional government in Afghanistan, the Taliban confirmed.

In an interview with Ariana News, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem said the plan was being considered by the Taliban’s leadership in Doha and that “a final decision has yet to be made in this regard.”

Naeem stated that the plan includes a transitional government, an Ankara, Turkey summit, and a ceasefire.

He added that the Taliban has not yet taken a clear position in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government has also received US President Joe Biden’s proposed plan for the formation of a participatory government which includes the Taliban and the convening of an international summit.

Nader Naderi, a member of the government’s peace delegation said Sunday the plan needs serious and careful consideration.

“We have received many plans from different countries, but these plans need to be seriously and comprehensively reviewed in order to meet the interests of the people,” Naderi stated.

The plan consists of three key points; a principled guideline for the future of Afghanistan, a transitional government, and a permanent ceasefire.

According to a section of the plan that Ariana News read, a President of Afghanistan would be elected at the end of the transitional government period.

According to the plan, Islam will be considered the official religion of the country, and all Afghan citizens are granted immunity as “Afghanistan is a common home of all ethnicities and religions.”

The Transitional government will consist of the following three main cornerstones:

  • The executive administration, including a president, deputies, ministers, and independent directorates
  • Legislature, which includes the Senate and Parliament, in which the Taliban will be represented and;
  • The judiciary, which would also include the Independent High Council of Islamic Jurisprudence and the Commission for Drafting a New Constitution.

According to the plan, the High Council of Islamic Jurisprudence will be composed of 15 members including seven Taliban members, seven members of the Afghan government, and a person would be chosen by the president of the government.

The council would be tasked to prepare Islamic guidance for social and cultural affairs.

Meanwhile, the Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib stated that the plan is not the US government’s official scheme for Afghanistan.

The plan that the Americans have handed over to everyone; we have been told that it is not the US government’s official plan, said Mohib adding that the government is reviewing it.  

Addressing a press conference in Kabul Mohib stated that the plan is aimed at sharing power to resolve the current security issues.

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