• publish: 14 July 2020
  • time: 9:58 am
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Khalilzad: Attack in Samangan against Taliban commitment

Monday’s Taliban attack in the capital of Samangan province contradicts their commitment to reduce violence Khalilzad said.

“We condemn Monday’s attack. The use of major explosives to detonate a vehicle in a provincial capital is unacceptable and will strengthen those who oppose peace and plays into the hands of spoilers. All sides must reduce violence,” Khalilzad said on Twitter.

The envoy said that violence has been high, especially in recent days and weeks. “Afghans continue to die in large numbers for no reason.”

He said that a key milestone of 135 days in implementation of US-Taliban agreement was reached and the US has worked hard to carry out the first phase of its commitments under its deal with the Taliban, including to reduce forces and depart five bases. NATO troops have come down in proportional numbers, he said.

“There has been major progress, albeit slow, on prisoner releases. The Taliban & the Islamic Republic negotiating teams have made progress on logistics for intra-Afghan talks. No American has lost his/her life in Afghanistan to Taliban violence. Regional relations have improved,” the envoy said.

“As we look to the next phase of implementation under the Agreement, our approach will remain conditions based. We will press for completion of prisoner releases, reduction of violence, complete delivery on CT commitments & start of & progress in intra-Afghan negotiations,” Khalilzad said.

At least 11 people were killed while 63 others were wounded in aTaliban attacktargeting provincial headquarter of Afghan intelligence agency in Samangan capital Aibak.

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