• publish: 30 September 2020
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World is watching Afghan talks closely

Khalilzad went to Doha

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad left Washington for Doha, Qatar on Tuesday to meet with intra-Afghan negotiating teams.

The US State Department said in a statement overnight that Khalilzad will also meet with stakeholders to discuss increased regional connectivity, trade, and development following a peace settlement. 

“Ambassador Khalilzad will also meet with the negotiating teams to hear updates on their efforts to negotiate a settlement and bring an end to forty years of war,” the statement read. 

Khalilzad also tweeted early Wednesday that he was “headed back to Doha and the region to meet with partners on Afghan-owned, Afghan-led peace negotiations and prospects for increased regional connectivity, trade, and development following peace.”

He said in his Twitter post “the Afghan people and international community are watching closely and expect the negotiations to make progress toward producing a roadmap for Afghanistan’s political future and a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire.”

Talks between the Afghan negotiating team and the Taliban started more than two weeks ago but details around progress have been sketchy. 

The teams have yet to reach a consensus on the framework of talks going forward. 

Critics have said however a mediator might be needed to step in as reports indicate there are two sticking points between the teams. 

Last week it emerged there was a dispute over the religious jurisprudence and recognition of the US-Taliban agreement signed in February, which is what led to the current talks and on which the negotiations are based – an agreement that the Afghan government was not a party to. 

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