• publish: 5 October 2015
  • time: 8:09 pm
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Ministry of Interior:

Kunduz security situation returns to normalcy

The enemies have been defeated and situation is returning to normalcy in Kunduz, and Afghan security forces have Kunduz in control, Officials in ministry of interior said. 

Spokesman for the Interior ministry Sediq Sediqi, addressing at a press conference here said Afghan security forces have Kunduz in their control and the situation is returning to its normalcy.

“Afghan security forces will defend Afghan people to the last drop of their blood and fight for sovereignty of the country,” Sediqi said.

During cleanup operations in Kunduz in the past 24 hours, 5 enemies of Afghan people have been killed, 4 others wounded and 4 have been arrested by Afghan security forces, He said.

Interior ministry spokesman mentioned that insurgents also conducted several coordinated attacks on capital province of Faryab last night, during which they faced hard resistance from Afghan security forces and suffered huge casualties and fled.

During the overnight clashes in Maimana capital of Frayab, 24 insurgents including Taliban shadow governor for Faryab were killed, 13 others were wounded and 4 vehicles of insurgents were destroyed.

Admiring Afghan security forces’ task in fighting against insurgents, Sediqi called on Afghan people to continue cooperating with the security forces and living without concern.

Sediq Sediqi noted that some cleanup operations in Takhar and Badakhshan provinces are underway by security forces and said they are fully capable of designing and implementing these cleanup operations.

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