• publish: 21 September 2020
  • time: 12:43 pm
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Latest details of Intra-Afghan talks in Doha

The Afghan government and the Taliban contact groups held joint working session on Sunday evening on the rules and regulations of peace talks which progress were made, according to the both sides’ teams.

“The contact groups of both sides met. This session lasted a few hours and the rules and regulations of the Afghanistan Peace Negotiations were discussed and progress were made,” said the Nader Naderi, a member of the Afghan negotiating team in Doha.

Taliban’s spokesman in Qatar, Naeem Wardak also said that in this meeting the working principles of the forthcoming meetings were discussed again.
“With a hope that a consensus will be reached on the remaining points and the next meetings will begin,” he added.

Meanwhile, the escalation of violence in Afghanistan followed the reaction of the US Special Representative on Afghan peace process Zalmay Khalilzad.
“Given the recent start of Afghanistan Peace Negotiations, it is imperative all sides reduce violence significantly,” Khalilzad twitted.
Khalilzad emphasized that this escalation is regrettable as Afghans, including many civilians, are losing their lives.

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