• publish: 11 May 2019
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Leading Wolesi Jirga candidates from Kabul closed the gate to Parliament

Leading Wolesi Jirga candidates from Kabul on Saturday closed the gate to Parliament during a protest, demanding declaration of final results before the selection of the Administrative Board of the lower house.

Earlier, the Wolesi Jirga decided to elect the administrative panel with or without members from Kabul province today (Saturday).

Last week, The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has shared Wolesi Jirga poll election results for capital Kabul with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) for announcement.

On Thursday, Wolesi Jirga Secretary Abdul Qader Zazai Watandost said if the final results from the capital were not announced until Saturday, they would select the administrative panel without Kabul representatives.

Around 10 leading candidates on the primary results for the Kabul constituency, along with hundreds of supporters, staged a protest rally in front of the Parliament House and closed its gate.

Shinkai Karokhel, one of the leading candidates, said they would not allow the selection of Wolesi Jirga’s Administrative Board until the final outcome from Kabul was unveiled.

“Elections were conducted in a more transparent manner Kabul than in other provinces. Election results across the country have been approved by the IEC, which cannot verify the outcome from Kabul. No excuse is acceptable to us.”

She said they would continue demonstrations until final results from Kabul were announced and the selection of Administrative Board delayed.

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