• publish: 15 December 2020
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Leaked document exposes agenda on Afghan peace

A leaked document on ground rules of the intra-Afghan negotiations suggests comprehensive ceasefire a top priority of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, seeking independent role for media and preservation of gains in past two decades.

While Doha announced a 20-day break for both the Afghan and the Taliban representatives to have their internal meetings on “agenda items”, TOLOnews reported have reached a document that drafts demands between the two sides of the negotiations.

According to the report, Afghan team has included a comprehensive ceasefire, preservation of national sovereignty, freedom of the media and the prohibition of activity by foreign fighters in Afghanistan as issues to be considered as main part of the talks’ agenda.

Other demands included cutting-off foreigners interference, ensuring victims’ rights, national reconciliation, de-militarizing villages, de-militarizing the people and society, ensuring freedom of the media, attaining economic self-reliance, and preventing drug trafficking. 

Protection of borders, urgent development and humanitarian relief, mechanisms of implementing the agreements of the negotiations, the political roadmap, the return of refugees, gaining international guarantees, and empowering of national institutions are a few more points of focus by the afghan representatives during the negotiations. 

Meanwhile, the Taliban demands include an Islamic government structure, establishment of an Islamic council, and ensuring women’s rights and the rights of all citizens based on Islamic principles.

Adding on, the Taliban perspective on military and security sector, the constitution, foreign policy, independence of Afghanistan, ensuring unity and Islamic solidarity in Afghanistan, ensuring national values, education and basic human rights, ensuring compensation for widows and orphans, ensuring all legitimate and principled rights.

While both sides agreed to meet on January 5, 2020, after consulting the “agenda items” among their respective leaders, the US special envoy on peace in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad exclaimed “it is imperative that there is no delays in resumption of talks and they must resume on Jan 5 as agreed.”

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